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Tang Eng Iron Works Co., Ltd. (code: 2035)
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Company Profile
Chairman CEO Spokesperson Tel Date of Listing (Regular)
Zhong ziqiang Huang hong dou Chang Huai Lu 07-8022811 2006/07/07
Address:No.4, Yen Hai 2nd Rd., Hsiao Kang ., Kaohsiung City,Taiwan ROC
Main Business:
Tang eng has been a spcialized producer of stainless steel .We use electric furnaces and AOD converters to produce top-quality stainless steel,including AISI 200,300,AND 400 grades of steel slabs billets,as well as hot and cold rolled steel strips(coils).Our annual out is 350,000tons.
Industry: Iron and Steel
Last Trading Information
Shr. Vol. Highest Lowest Closed Change Transaction TurnOver(%) long margin balance(1,000shr.) Short margin balance(1,000shr.)
21.1 28.00  27.95  28.00  0.050000000000001  10 0.00 259 0
Trading method Fun purchase price or securities needed on T day Announcement of Irregularity GTSM measures adopted (2014/04/20) With warrants Can be shorted or margined?
Supervised NO NO NO NO YES
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