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Userjoy Technology Co.,Ltd. (code: 3546)
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Company Profile
Chairman CEO Spokesperson Tel Date of Listing (Regular)
SHIH,WEN-CHIN CHU,TSE -WEN Paul W.T. Yeh 02-82269989 2008/04/18
Address:17F.-8, No.2, Jian 8th Rd., Jhonghe District, New Taipei City,Taiwan
Main Business:
Since being founded in 1995, Userjoy Technology Co., Ltd. has specialized in PC game development,and widely published various genres of games including role-playing, strategy,simulation and puzzle titles. Having become highly devoted to research and development about online games,Userjoy put out two MMOG titles including¡§The Twin Heroes Online¡¨and¡§The Legend of Three Kingdoms Online¡¨ in 2005.And for these achievements,we continously received sweeping victories in Gamestar Contest in three consecutive years (2004-2006, 19 awards in total). Looking to the future, there are four major directions in which Userjoy will keep our focus on.1.Games Development across Platforms.2.Development of Advanced Online Game Engine. 3.Establishment of Casual Game Platform.4.Sustainable Management of PC Offline Games.
Industry: Cultural and Creative Industries
Last Trading Information
Shr. Vol. Highest Lowest Closed Change Transaction TurnOver(%) long margin balance(1,000shr.) Short margin balance(1,000shr.)
480.318 72.40  68.60  71.40  2.2  410 1.39 3023 0
Trading method Fun purchase price or securities needed on T day Announcement of Irregularity GTSM measures adopted (2014/04/17) With warrants Can be shorted or margined?
Supervised NO NO NO NO YES
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