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Kino Biotech Co., Ltd (code: 4154)
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Company Profile
Chairman CEO Spokesperson Tel Date of Listing (Regular)
Ting Yen Hock Chong Ka Wee Chong Ka Wee 65-6281-3888 2011/12/28
Address:178 Paya Lebar Road,#04-02 Singapore 409030
Main Business:

Kino Biotech is a leading integrated bio-nutraceutical and cosmeceutical
company specialized in product conceptualization, development,
commercialization, brand marketing, sale and distribution of innovative
healthcare and beauty products. Our core business is the sale of healthcare
and beauty products under our own proprietary brands: Kinohimitsu, Activa and

Kino Biotech is based in Singapore, the heart of Asia. We have over 4500 point
of sales in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. The
use of hybrid marketing including traditional media and new media has allowed
for a holistic marketing strategy promoting our healthcare and beauty products
to over 1.5 billion consumers. Collaboration with our key partners like
Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, Tesco and Carrefour enables Kino Biotech to
successfully bring its products to the mass market.

Kino Biotech is constantly expanding our product lines and the reach of our
products to new channels and new markets.
Industry: Biotechnology and Medical Care
Last Trading Information
Shr. Vol. Highest Lowest Closed Change Transaction TurnOver(%) long margin balance(1,000shr.) Short margin balance(1,000shr.)
33 28.00  27.65  27.90  0.099999999999998  23 0.15 0 0
Trading method Fun purchase price or securities needed on T day Announcement of Irregularity GTSM measures adopted (2014/04/24) With warrants Can be shorted or margined?
Supervised NO NO NO NO NO
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