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Company Profile
Chairman CEO Spokesperson Tel Date of Listing (Regular)
CHEN,CHUN-HUA WANG,TAI-KUANG NA (02)2655-1166 2002/03/19
Address:7F., NO.19-13, SANCHONG RD., NANGANG DIST., TAIPEI CITY 115, TAIWAN (R.O.C.) Taipei City , Taiwan (R.O.C)
Main Business:
We are a leading manufacturer in Taiwan for electronic materials and thermal products.Electronic materials include IC package materials,electrode paste for passive components,silver paste for membrane switch & solder paste for SMT stencil printing.Qur thermal products are especially designed in PC thermal moudles. We have already been the world's NO.1 heat pipe supplier.
Industry: Electronic Parts and Components
Last Trading Information
Shr. Vol. Highest Lowest Closed Change Transaction TurnOver(%) long margin balance(1,000shr.) Short margin balance(1,000shr.)
2.583 27.85  27.40  27.40  -0.3  4 0.00 558 2
Trading method Fun purchase price or securities needed on T day Announcement of Irregularity GTSM measures adopted (2014/04/24) With warrants Can be shorted or margined?
Supervised NO NO NO NO YES
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