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Phison Electronics Corp. (code: 8299)
Chinese version
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Company Profile
Chairman CEO Spokesperson Tel Date of Listing (Regular)
Pua Khein Seng Aw Yong Chee Kong Yu Zhi-Chyang 037-586896 2004/12/06
Address:10F-6, No.251, Fuxing 1st St. Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302, Taiwan
Main Business:
1.Information Software Service2.Electronics Material Wholesaling3.Product Designation
Industry: Computer and Peripheral Equipment
Last Trading Information
Shr. Vol. Highest Lowest Closed Change Transaction TurnOver(%) long margin balance(1,000shr.) Short margin balance(1,000shr.)
6263.992 217.00  207.50  208.00  -5  4554 3.47 9285 82
Trading method Fun purchase price or securities needed on T day Announcement of Irregularity GTSM measures adopted (2014/04/23) With warrants Can be shorted or margined?
Supervised NO NO NO YES YES
Financial Reports
Cash Flows Items
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Net cash flows from operating activities
Net cash flows from investing activities
Net cash flows from financing activities
Condensed Balance Sheet Current assets
Non-current assets
Total assets
Current liabilities
Non-current liabilities
Total liabilities
Share capital
Capital surplus
Retained earnings
Other equity interest
Treasury shares
Total equity attributable to owners of parent
Non-controlling interests
Total equity
Book Value per share(NT$)
Condensed Income statement Operating revenue
Operating costs
Gross profit from operations
Operating expenses
Net other income (expenses)
Net operating income
Non-operating income and expenses
Profit before tax
Tax expense
Profit from continuing operations
Profit from discontinued operations
Other comprehensive income
Comprehensive income
Basic earnings per share
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